Thursday, July 24, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 24 ... Aesop unit ready to go!

As part of the Stage Two process, I started in on the final checks for the units to get them really ready to go. Here's how that is working with the unit of Aesop's fables by Jacobs. I tweaked the overview some, and then I added the following items:

Choosing Between Units: This is something I'll do for any module that has two or more very closely related units where students might not be sure how to choose between them. That's the case here, where there are two Aesop's fables units available in the Classical module.

Connecting Units: This is one way I hope to make explicit some of the larger structures that support the way the content in the class is organized, hopefully preparing students to make connections from one unit to another and, even more importantly, from one module to another. In this case, I want to alert them both to the later Aesop units in the British Isles and European modules, and also to the very important connection to the Jataka tales coming up in the India unit.

Additional Resources: Over the long run, I want to add a lot of blog posts that provide detailed background, but for now just a couple of links will help. Then, I can just build on that later on.

Reading Diary: I hope to be able to share all my own reading diaries for the first couple of modules. I like writing up the diaries, and I hope the students will have a sense of fun about that too!

Storytelling Ideas: Some students don't want/need prompts, but for other students they can be a big help since I sure don't want anybody to be feeling the stress of writer's block!

Read More: This is where I alert people to the complete online edition of the book, and Internet Archive especially is so great for that, being able to link to specific pages in the book as I did here to link to the "History of the Aesopic Fable" in the book by Jacobs.

The unit also has illustrations by Walter Crane, whoo-hoo!

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