Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 23 ... GRIMM!

I worked today on the four Brothers Grimm units, and what a thrill it was: I am VERY pleased with my decision to do four units devoted to Brothers Grimm, the most for any source. Well, there are four Aesop units, too, but spread out... the Brothers get a whole row of their own in the European module!

I was also delighted to find at Hathi Trust the Otto Ubbelohde illustrations to Grimm in 3 volumes. I learned about this wonderful contribution to Grimm iconography from Ulrich Fleming (of Krautblog). For all that I complain about the awful Coursera Fantasy-SciFi MOOC, meeting Ulrich in that class was a real pleasure, and it was on the occasion of reading Grimm in that class that Ulrich clued me in to the wonderful Ubbelohde illustrations. Here are some of the stories where I've used them:

Simeli Mountain


Hansel and Grethel

The Twelve Huntsmen

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