Saturday, October 18, 2014

Connecting with Inoreader: Blogger integration!

Whoa... this is pretty fascinating: there's a Blogger integration feature at Inoreader, and when I click it, it pulls the complete HTML of the item (in this case, a lovely Twitter post from Jackie Gerstein) into the post. So... that means I can send things over to my Digital Tools blog this way. It doesn't look like I can add labels (?), but it has the full editor here.

OHHHHHHH: I am foreseeing some pretty profound uses here if I repost work from my students for sharing and discussion via a kind of central blog hub that I maintain. Because really... this is a very cool bit of integration


  1. WHERE is the Blogger integration feature/button on the InoReader dashboard?

  2. I do it using the little share things on the individual items: there's a little down arrow at the far right bottom of each item to pop open the options if you don't have Blogger listed already. It's just using the standard bookmarklet that Blogger has had forever if you've used that.

    1. Oh those -- I kept hoping for an InoReader Blogger integration feature (there's one for WordPress) but couldn't find there or searching Ino forum and blog. That was a clue but hope dies hard. I've been using Blog This! button on my toolbar for years, less now than I used but in conjunction with InoReader sounds promising ~ one of those things that I knew but hadn't really registered. (>ლ)

      I've got a gang of collecting projects going with tag, clip and bundle feeds ~ put an "Adjunct News" clip on a page and promised to do an Ayotzinapa one for Ana's blog. She wants it as a post but I can use the post permalink for a page.

    2. Yes, that's it - they've internalized the Blog This! along with all the other easy-to-post scripts that the services share.
      I've had a great time with IFTTT but it will only let you do one blog! ARGH! If I could specify to different blogs, that would be amazing, but that's an IFTTT-Blogger problem. The Inoreader side of my recipe works just fine; Blogger just doesn't help IFTTT distinguish between all my blogs (!) on the other end.

    3. I had written a longish reply to this but inadvertently closed window before sending.

      Short version (should have done this before forgetting): I'm playing around with 'Blog this!' from InoReader ~ depends on how much displays on InoReader. Sometimes I'm better off clicking throught to the page and using the Blog This! bookmarklet on my toolbar. Thanks for the IFTTT head-up. I've noticed it syncs Feedly to WP. Not so useful for me.

      InoReader/TFTTT is on my list. What recipe do you find the most useful?

      Stephen Downes called attention to my InoReader clip on the #NRC01PL hangout -- apparently not familiar with it but liked the look of it and what I did with it. Introducing Stephen Downes to InoReader -- that made my day.

      btw I've been using Mail2Tag to send #NRC01PL Newsletters and video announcements InoReader. It's going to be very useful.


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