Saturday, October 18, 2014

Connecting with Inoreader: Using Diigo to keep track of subscriptions

Now, I will confess that one of the things that is frustrating about the Inoreader Chrome extension is that if you subscribe to something you are already subscribed to, it does not alert you. So I was thinking, what is the best way for me to not turn into that problem? Then I realized I could use Diigo, because Diigo has that very handy little feature that the Diigo Chrome extension icon gets a little red bookmark over it when you have bookmarked something...


So what I did was to quickly Diigo the Twitter feeds I am subscribed to in Inoreader right now (limit is 60, so I stayed just a little bit short of that). So now when I go to someone's Twitter page, I can instantly see if I am subscribed to them in Inoreader or not. Quite a few of these people are folks I have met in Connected Courses over the past several weeks!

This will also come in handy when I need to curate more carefully, removing some people from my Inoreader Twitter subscription (right now, I have some people in there with whom I actually do interact pretty regularly at Google+ also, so I don't really need their Twitter in the same way I do for people who are not G+ users) ... with Diigo, I can just change the Twitter Inoreader tags to be something like Twitter InoreaderRetired. That way, I'll have a record of Twitter feeds that I did enjoy having in Inoreader, and if Inoreader lifts the cap or I decide to revisit those feeds, Diigo will have a list for me.

I really do appreciate the power of Diigo... but I do not use it as much as I should. I wish I could figure out what the strange emotional disconnect is that I have with Diigo. I loved Delicious. It just made me HAPPY to do anything with Delicious. My happy factor with Diigo is about zero. As a result, it really took some urging from my Google+ buddies even to get used to using Diigo. I do use it, but it is not FUN.

What's up with that, I wonder? Inoreader, on the other hand, is fun AND powerful. I would rate Twitter as lots of fun, but low on power. I would rate Diigo as high on power, but low on fun.

Anyway, I am glad I figured out this solution. As part of my Connected Courses project for the next weeks, I will review that Twitter selection at Inoreader and see if I am making good use of it.

Oh, I did something fun with the Twitter folder over at Inoreader: I wrote a rule to exclude replies, so that it emulates the Twitter experience better. If a tweet does not start with @ it gets a tag called "Twitter Original," which is probably most of what I will be reading when I scan the Twitter stuff at Inoreader. I also played around with writing regular expressions for rules in Inoreader.



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