Saturday, October 11, 2014

Pay attention to attention.

And here's yet another quote for Connected Courses "Daily Connect" that comes from a section heading in Mariana Funes's fabulous post (can you tell that I loved this post? I LOVE THIS POST): The psychology of open: On wrestling your inner MOOC.
Pay Attention to Attention. This brings us back to the need for training attention. Our attention can be focussed on different realms of experience: the online external world, our sensed behaviours and feelings, our thinking patterns, or the meta-cognitive realm where we can attend to the whole not the parts. There are different types of attention as well as different realms to attend to and buddhist psychology has the most to offer us here as we talk about tackling our inner monsters. I highly recommend the study of the Attention Revolution by Alan Wallace. It humbled me into seeing that just to gain the ability to open the doors to trustworthy self-assessment requires years of practice. 
And here's my meme:

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