Saturday, May 16, 2015

Interview with Howard Rheingold

I just got back from out of town with so much to catch up on that I am not even sure where to start — and I'm sharing this with #Rhizo15 too as a promise to get caught up there soon!

First of all, though, I wanted to share this fun interview with Howard Rheingold along with a BIG THANKS to Howard for giving me this great chance to share the things that my students and I are doing at University of Oklahoma. Keyword: FUN! :-)

Teaching The Humanities Online: Blog post from Howard with lots of links and such, and here is the accompanying Vimeo video.

Laura Gibbs from Connected Learning Alliance on Vimeo.

I was so glad to have a chance to do this interview, especially as I will be attending DML2015 in LA in June and getting to meeting lots of new people who are doing great connected learning projects also! You can find out more about DML and connected learning at the DML Initiatives page. Participating in DML Connected Courses last fall was a really important event for me, and I would urge everybody to explore that DML website. It is full of inspiring stuff!

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