Saturday, May 16, 2015

UPDATED: Rhizo15 combination feed - more blogs added!

I've synched my RSS combo feed for Rhizo15 with the blog post list at Lenandlar's blog. I found a few new blogs to add as a result!

So, in addition to looking at the list to click through at Lenandlar's blog, you can also subscribe to the combination RSS feed if you use a feed reader: Rhizo15 RSS combo feed.

Alternatively, you can access the OPML file for that combo feed here: OPML file. You can also look at HTML scrolling view, 20 posts per page, here: Rhizo15 posts: scrolling. (Those are more-or-less in date-based order, but when I add a new blog, it grabs all the posts in that blog and puts them at top, with new posts at that blog then going into the standard newest-first date-based display.)

For Inoreaders out there, I made an Inoreader bundle: Rhizo15 Bundle. Anyone can view the bundle, which is a new way in fact to preview how Inoreader works as a feed reader... basically: it's Feedly on steroids! mega-steroids!

Admittedly, there continue to be a few blogs I cannot add to the combo RSS feed:
   (apparently not using a label for Rhizo15 posts?)
   (also apparently not using a tag or category?)
   (Lee told me IHE uses Drupal for the blogs...?)
   (I can't see how to get a tag-specific RSS feed here)

So, if anybody has insight into Drupal or Github, let me know! I've had fun learning for myself about how tag-specific feeds work not just at Blogger and WordPress (which I knew about already), but also at Known, Tumblr, and Weebly.

Anyway, I wanted to provide this update about the combination RSS feed... and now I am going to go do some reading and try to get back into the rhizo swing of things after having been out of town and (mostly) offline last week. :-)


  1. Thank you so much for being so thorough and caring about each blog. It is so much appreciated!

    1. Thanks, Susan - but like I was saying to Kevin somewhere else (G+? Twitter?), it's easy: I just took the HTML from Lenandlar's list, sorted the HTTP chunks alphabetized, and then compared it to the alphabetized HTTP chunks in my own file. It was like a treasure hunt, finding new blogs I had not seen before.
      The alphabet: an ancient technological invention still going strong in the new millennium! :-)


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