Friday, March 15, 2019

Canvas: Monetizing Student Data?

I won't have time to write more about this until next week, but if what Phil Hill has reported about Instructure's latest plans is true, it changes everything about Canvas. My strongly negative opinion about this new development is not welcome at Canvas Community, but I will be free to blog about it here. It's one thing to despair about the limitations and downsides of the LMS as it affects individual teachers and students (as I do), but this is something new, and far worse. So, more to come, but for now, I hope everybody who has an interest in the future of Canvas will take a few minutes to read Phil's important post: Instructure: Plans to expand beyond Canvas LMS into machine learning and AI.


  1. It kind of boggled me that you were blogging inside of Canvas's platform, happy to see you to return to the space you own.

    1. I met so many great people there, and I was able to pretty much freely voice my opinions... until now. Which is quite telling in and of itself, sad to say. I am sad about the kerfuffle, but it actually a big relief not trying to self-censor. Since, uh, self-censoring is not my strong suit ha ha.


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