Thursday, March 14, 2019

Digital Teaching Redivivus

The magic of blogs: they go to sleep... and then they can wake up! After a long stint blogging at the Canvas Community, I'm going to be blogging here again. I'll miss having the Community context, but it's nice having sidebars again where I can have the Twitter stream rolling on by, and I might need to put the growth mindset cats in the sidebar too. :-)

I copied the Canvas blog posts into some Google Docs (221 posts, 12 big Google Docs)... and if any of them are important/useful enough to re-post here, I'll do that.

When I was blogging at the Canvas Community, I tried to weave Canvas into the posts, but I won't need to do that here. I'm an LMS-minimalist and my real interests don't have anything to do with LMSes per se. Plus, as summer is fast approaching, I'll have lots to say here about my new OER projects. It's fun to look back through the posts/labels in this blog and all the different projects that have come and gone here, and there will be lots of OER fun to come.

Descartes Cat says: I think, therefore I blog.
(made with cheezburger)

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  1. I'm sorry to read that you will be less active in the Canvas Community, as your contributions there are very valuable. Thank you for making this blog subscribable too.


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