Thursday, October 31, 2019

Connect and share with #ungradingnet

I had a few minutes this morning, so I thought I would set up a few more tools to curate and syndicate ungrading ideas and resources by using the #ungradingnet hashtag and RSS to pull content together (see previous post for a Twitter widget tracking #ungradingnet). I hope this can be useful as Ken sets up as a hub for us to share and connect. :-)

As people may know, I am a huge fan of Inoreader as a tool both for reading RSS and also for syndicating that RSS back out. I've set up a tag in my Inoreader to collect ungradingnet content and send that back out via RSS and also via HTML. The HTML is at the bottom of this post (plus the HTML iframe for anyone who is interested), and here's the RSS feed:

BLOGS. I can use Inoreader to follow people's blogs if you are using ungradingnet as a label (tag, category, it's all good), so this blog post, for example, will show up automatically there. If you will be using ungradingnet at your blog, let me know and I will subscribe!

DIIGO. Diigo also offers support for RSS and thanks to a nifty trick I learned from Tom Woodward (or Alan Levine? I can't remember who for sure!), I have now subscribed to all public Diigo items tagged ungradingnet; here's that URL if you are curious how that works:
(This is actually my first test of subscribing to the all-users RSS feed with that tab=153 trick, and if that doesn't work, I'll subscribe to individual Diigo users, just like with blogs; I know those RSS feeds work since I use those all the time for my own Diigo content.)

PINBOARD. Update: With some help again from Tom Woodward, I've added a live RSS feed of Pinboard items tagged ungradingnet also!

I know this will be useful just for me in terms of organizing my ungrading stuff (which is, admittedly, a mess, spread out everywhere)... and I hope it can be useful to others. If you will be blogging about ungrading and using ungradingnet as a label, let me know! :-)

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