Wednesday, October 30, 2019

It looks like people might be using as a hub for sharing ungrading strategies and resources, so I went ahead and quickly made a Twitter hashtag widget for #ungradingnet using Martin Hawksey's wonderful TAGS widget tool. The widget is below, and here's the Archive and the Explorer. I've pasted in the iframe code for anyone who wants to use it below also.

<iframe style="border:0; width:100%;max-width:500px;height:500px" src="'RT%20')%20GROUP%20BY%20B%2C%20A%2C%20C%2C%20E%20ORDER%20BY%20E%20DESC%20LIMIT%2010&d=13ot9E-HAPFzfCZu3TujNwy2R57bc8vXsmXyFZJnUsls&sheet=Archive&theme=light&linkColor=%231c94e0&widgetHeight=500&excludeTracking=false&excludeThread=false&includeRT=false&includeMedia=true" ></iframe>

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