March 20, 2020

The Ducks That Do It All

This beautiful duck comes from the Portland Audobon Society: Urban Mallards page (photo by Flickr user "Linda on the bridge to NewWhere").

I was thinking about the proverb "like water off a duck's back" because I needed a way to help myself get through all the hating-on-online-education that I'm seeing right now. There's always a kind of low level background noise like that, and I've learned to tune that out (more or less), but now the hating-on-online-education noise is getting loud. Very loud. 

And understandably; I know that this is not the right way for anybody — teachers or students — to try to learn what online education can offer.

So, I went looking for a great duck to visualize in these coming weeks and months so that I can remember the proverb "like water off a duck's back."

And then I started thinking about ducks. They are so cool.
Ducks can swim in the water.
Ducks can walk on the land.
Ducks can fly in the sky.

So, I hope we can all be like the duck. Maybe we prefer the water or the sky or the land. I have no idea how real ducks feel about that. But as humans exploring new spaces and trying new approaches to education in these impossibly difficult times, maybe we can find some inspiration in those ducks.

And of course I made an edu-duck. :-)

I can swim. I can walk. I can fly.

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