June 10, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 10

I hit a big milestone today: I got to 300 Aesop's fables... and over 1000 stories overall... it's going really well, even better than I expected! :-)

And here are some Twitter highlights:

As statues are coming, there are also some really inspiring statues, like this one: Danuta Danielsson.

A Claudia Rankine poem:

A TED Talk from Ibran X. Kendi: How to Build an Antiracist World.

Beautiful item from Women's Art: more about Alma Thomas.

From the National Library of IsraelDigital Access to Over 2,500 Rare Texts.

I loved this Zoom humor from Liniers:

Useful graphic via Erin Logan:

Photo series by Jon Henry, with more info here: Jon Henry: Stranger Fruit.

And here's a video:

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