June 11, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 11

I had fun previewing a new podcast that is launching soon (maybe this weekend?)... and here are some things from Twitter to use next semester:

This painting of Daniel in the Lion's Den is a new one to me, via LACMA: see thread for more details; artist is Henry Ossawa Tanner.

And look at this gorgeous crucifix; 17th-century Kongo.

And this beautiful Egyptian amulet: details.

This healing architecture video made me think about healing stories too! Via Keith Gaddie: Architecture that is built to heal.

Important piece from William DalrympleRobert Clive was a vicious asset-stripper.

Digital storytelling from Langwitches: 12 Ideas for Amplified Forms of Digital Storytelling.

From Sunil Singh: Amplify.

Classics video:

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