June 3, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 3

I'm glad I have this curation project to work on because the news in general, and the education news in particular, is so intense right now... it's good to take a deep breath each day here and just think about what things from Twitter I'm seeing now will help me and the students this Fall...

From MFA in Boston: Michael C. Thorpe's quilts.

Whole thread of resources via DPLA, including

One of my most vivid undergraduate memories is going to an Audre Lorde poetry reading... vital essay here: An Open Letter to Mary Daly.

Something beautiful from Grant Snider:

Pandemic storytelling from UNESCO: My Hero is You

Via Incunabula, a piece at the Guardian: Oldest and largest Maya structure discovered in southern Mexico.

Via Alison Ray, this BBC item: Knight Fights Giant Snail

I love Diogenes. I love Oscar. And... here they are together, by Chris Wolf-Willoughby.

Via Rick Riordan, cover reveal! More Tristan Strong from Kwame Mbalia.

And for music today, Oklahoma's own Woody Guthrie:

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