June 4, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 4

I spent part of today listening to Phil Hill at Bryan Alexander's Future Trends; it was really nice to hear what he's up to. I feel better about the higher ed world knowing Phil's got his eyes on things.

This is something I really want to share with my Myth-Folklore class via LARBThe Stories We Tell About Disability.

A good project to watch via ScrollCoronavirus: I created an online archive.

One of my favorites from Debbie Ohi:

Important article via Sandie HolguinMyths of Western Civilization (will be useful for discussing the changes to Gen. Ed. labels!).

Sharing materials from Asao Inoue will make a great Writing Lab! Antiracist Writing Assessment Ecologies.

And for some music today:


  1. Thanks for these resources. So much going on-- so much to do in support of needed changes for a better, inclusive world.

    1. Thank you, Sheri! I am never disappointed when I go looking: it's like knowing you will find some beautiful seashell or driftwood on the beach. You don't know exactly what it will be: but if you go to the beach, there will be something.
      Now if I could just actually...... go to the beach!
      But at least we can blog and make art :-)


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