June 6, 2020

Twitter Highlights: June 6

I didn't post on yesterday, but I've got lots for today, and I've also been pondering how to use these posts next year: as I snag things from these post to put in the class announcements, I'll remove those items from the posts and put a link to the announcement where it ended up. That way I'll be able to see what I've used and also find it again there.

Something cool from Sarah Nour: and more at Wikipedia.

From curious ordinary, amazing set of Japanese resource links: Japanese Folklore.

The asynch power of writing; a lovely thought from Jhumpa Lahiri via Jon Winokur:

AMAZING legend and beautiful art via the Met: Coffin of Imam 'Ali.

Really powerful item for working on cultural appropriation via Kekla Magoon: Our Modern Minstrelsy.

From Grammar Girl, a podcast: You Have a Responsibility to Write Clearly.

I'll check back later to see if this recording is available:

For some music today, Karsh Kale:

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