July 19, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 19 - King Midas and his donkey ears! :-)

Today was great: I'll be adding the final two units tomorrow (!!!), and so I stubbed in those index pages, giving me all 100 index pages. Then, I used the magic of date/time posting to rearrange all 100 units in order from start to finish. Right now, they show up on the homepage of the blog, but I'll be adding some more content to the blog later... but it will always be possible to access all the units by clicking on the Myth-Folklore Units link. Likewise, there are links for each of the modules: African, Asian, Biblical, etc., which are in the module navigation widget in the sidebar:

Now that I've got almost all the reading units in place, I've started adding labels for story types and story themes. That will be a HUGE effort next year, but right now I'm just exploring some ideas. For example, I did the Midas Ears story type today. I've got three very nifty versions of the story spread out over three different units. So cool!

I was prompted to do this one because of the happy surprise of finding Midas in the Wife of Bath's tale! :-)

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