July 20, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 20 ... ALL UNITS POSTED!!!!!

Well, here is the last post that I will be doing "by the numbers" ... because the reading units are all posted for the Myth-Folklore UN-Textbook! Yes, there is a ton (A TON) of work still to do, but the framework is there. Yep: 100 reading units; see navigation in sidebar at the blog. I still can't believe I did it, and I am also still just amazed at how completely glitch-free this process was, so much fun from start to finish.

So, here are the numbers:

Reading Units posted: 100
Story post pages: 1903
Pages proofread: 1617
Pages with images: 1444
Unit library pages: 78
Unit overviews: 70

And now, the grand calculation for the number of personalized textbooks that can be generated from the UN-textbook (see the module listings for details):

Week 2: 16 options
Week 3: 15 options
Week 4: 24 options
Week 5: 23 options
Week 6: 16 options
Week 7: 15 options
Week 9: 16 options
Week 10: 15 options
Week 11: 16 options
Week 12: 15 options
Week 13: 16 options
Week 14: 15 options

Total combinations:

= 439,536,844,800,000

That's 439 trillion, give or take a trillion. :-)

I am delighted that it was the Kalevala that finished things off today: great for poetry, great for epic, and the perfect accompaniment to Hiawatha too!