July 31, 2014

Course Redesign Update: July 31... online sources used

WHOO-HOO: I've finished 102 "library" pages which provide links to free online sources for the books I used to create the UN-Textbook. For plenty of these library pages there is more commentary I can/should provide, but this will do for now! There are some miscellaneous sources use for just a few books, but here are the main sources where I find the books I need online:

80: Hathi Trust
73: Internet Archive
67: Project Gutenberg
66: Google Books
50: Sacred Texts Archive
50: FREE Kindle ebooks
40: LibriVox audio

In addition to these free sources, there are appx. 40 books with cheap Kindle ebook versions ($0.99-$2.99).

Before school starts, I hope I can write up a kind of "tips" page on which online options are best suited to which purposes (search, reading, downloading, etc.).

I am so glad and proud that my school is a member of the Hathi Trust!!! The site is incredibly useful for all users, and even more useful for folks who are members of the consortium (extra download privileges is the benefit I most enjoy).

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