August 1, 2014

Course Redesign Update: August 1... no going back now!

Now the real course RE-design phase begins... and it has to happen fast: I've just got until August 11 to get this all squared away! Eeeeek! Doing the new content was easy because content is objective, static, easy to control... but the actual course itself, the work the students do, the way they interact — that is hard! But I've been thinking and thinking all summer, and I'm ready to do all kinds of new things. Plus, there's no going back now: I changed my course websites! Screenshots of the new homepages below: Myth-Folklore and Indian Epics.

The layout of these new homepages is basically the same as before, but the difference is that the links all point to blogs and wikis; the old websites are no more! I left the pages up to avoid link rot in case anybody had linked to the old sites... but in terms of my actual classes, it's all somewhere else now. And, I am glad to say, all built with tools like blogs and wikis that make it so quick and easy to update everything quickly so that I can keep on expanding and improving all the time!

What a summer!!!

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