March 7, 2020

BTBGuide: Blogs as Distributed Content

One of the biggest advantages to embedding a blog in the LMS is that it functions as distributed content. You update the blog, and then those updates appear live everywhere that the blog is embedded. One of the biggest problems with LMSes is the lack of support for distributed and syndicated content (that's a rant I'll save for another post); blogs are one way to overcome that problem.

So, for example, when you create a new blog post, it appears automatically where you embedded the blog in your LMS space. I update my blog every day, but I don't open Canvas every day; I don't need to open Canvas. The current version of the blog appears automatically.

Multiply that effect! I use the same Announcements blog for all three of my class sections; I update the blog once, and it appears automatically in all three Canvas spaces. If you can't use exactly the same Announcements blog for all of your classes, then think about creating an "Exploration" blog that you can use for all three classes, with separate "Announcements" blogs that are class-specific.

Share your blog. Another great way you could use distributed blog content is to have a blog that would be useful across many classes: a group blog that members of an academic department create together (you can add multiple authors to a Blogger blog), or a blog from the your school library that would be of interest to students in many classes, or a student success blog from your tutoring center. Using the Redirect Tool, teachers at your school could easily add the blog to their Canvas spaces!

Another way to distribute content (edit in one place, updates appear everywhere) is with javascript widgets; I'll have more to say about that in some future posts.

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