May 17, 2020

Embedded Media: Twitter, NPR, SoundCloud

You can use the same HTML view to embed all kinds of dynamic content inside Blogger posts. You can include iframe content, and you can also include javascripts (being able to include javascripts is one of the key factors in my choice of Blogger as a free/ad-free blogging platform: Why I Use Blogger).

In this post, I'll list some of the other kinds of embedded media I include in blog posts, especially in my daily class announcements. There are literally hundreds of websites that provide dynamic content that you can embed, and once you get comfortable with copying-and-pasting the code into your blog posts, all of that content is just waiting for you to use it!

Twitter tweets

You can embed individual tweets in a blog post, and this is definitely desirable when that tweet contains some kind of embedded media itself, like a video. For example, my students really enjoyed this Minecraft version of our campus. Here's a link to the tweet, and here's the tweet embedded:

To embed a tweet,  just click on the down-arrow menu in the upper-right corner of any tweet and choose embed.

You can copy the code as is, or you can customize it; I usually customize it by opting out of the replies and the tailoring.

Twitter widgets

You can also embed an actual Twitter account so that the most current content is at the top. For example, here is our student newspaper, the OU Daily:

To embed a Twitter account like that, just go to and choose the options there. There are lots of widget options available!

NPR audio

I often will hear something on NPR that I want to share with the students. Sometimes I do that just as a link, but you can also embed NPR audio. You'll see the link when that is available on the NPR page, with the usual <> symbol:

So, for example, here is an inspiring interview with Jerry Saltz:

SoundCloud audio

SoundCloud also has some great embedding features:

Here's a Karsh Kale song I really like: Hallelujah- Ode To A Sunny Day

Those are just a few ideas. If you start poking around you will probably find lots of examples of dynamic multimedia content you can embed in your blog posts, and you can teach your student how to embed all this multimedia in their blog posts too, sharing the media long with their own comments and thoughts about it.

Next up....... editing existing posts! (Short version: it's easy!)


  1. Laura, Love your blogs and ideas. so much good stuff I can't keep up! Miss your voice on the Canvas Community, but happy I can follow you here. Question, did you publish a book about non-grading? If yes, how can I find it to share with my instructors?

    Also, any advice on where to begin to teach myself javascript?

    You are quite the inspiration for this old teacher!!
    Thank you for all you do.

    1. Whoops, I hit just comment instead of reply; anyway, reply is here below on the page. :-)

  2. Ha ha, hello unknown whoever you are, and thank you! I had a lot of fun at Canvas Community, and it feels kind of weird that CEO Goldsmith, who was the spokesman for the insidious use of Instructure data, is now gone, but I am happily blogging here now.
    Not a book, but a chapter for a book, yes! And it's here:
    Plus just this week David Buck and I started an ungrading slow chat project, happening first week of each month: Ungrading Slow Chats. Come join in! We just started today and I already met some nice new people. Ungrading is definitely gaining momentum, and developing in all kinds of different ways based on people's different contexts.
    About javascript: I am totally lazy, ha ha. I use to generate my scripts! Free tool (built by one of my students a gazillion years ago); if you want to learn how to use that, no programming required at all! Some notes:

  3. Really appreciating these clear instructions!

    1. So glad that works for you! There are all kinds of multimedia services that offer embedding so just keep your eye out for that option; copy-the-code-and-paste is all you need to do when you find they offer an embed code of some kind. :-)


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