May 17, 2020

Twitter Highlights: May 17

Once again, I had something I really needed to keep here, so I'm doing Sunday highlights!

Here's what I need to keep track of, a piece on Rumi in the New Yorker: The Erasure of Islam from the Poetry of Rumi (a good piece, but the erasure of Bawa from this article is also odd; anyway, all stuff for me to ponder as I work on Sufi materials later this summer, which will include Rumi of course, and also Bawa!)

Something nice from SmithsonianHealing Power of Art.

This is cool from M-W! I knew about chipmunk being Native American, but not woodchuck: 'Muskrat,' 'Helpmate,' and 6 More Folk Etymologies

Very cool Polari YouTubeHow gay men used to speak:

Look at this: Emily Wilson reading the Odyssey!

And here's a feel-good moment: wow!

And... lithophone!

I also had a total fan-girl moment: Jerry Saltz retweeted me (OMG). I had pinged him because I used his NPR interview as an example of how to embed NPR audio in a blog post. :-)

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