May 11, 2020

Twitter Highlights: May 10

For my Summer 2020 Blog Fest project, I'm going to do a little Twitter curation every day with a post with some cool stuff from the past day at Twitter, both via my OnlineCrsLady Twitter and my OnlineMythIndia account.

From Maati Baani! Karpur Gauram - Maati Baani | 9 Countries in Lockdown Collab: YouTube.

Via Christopher Shay: two Boas pieces.
The Defender of Differences by Kwame Anthony Appiah
The Circle: Franz Boas, Margaret Mead, Zora Neale Hurston, and the origins of American anthropology by Jennifer Wilson

From one of my very favorite cartoonists, Grant Snider: I'm guilty of other-book-bookmarking, especially during summer when I have heaps of books on my futon.

Beware of... cat! Here's a fun video at Twitter:

This is my first time to embed an Instagram in a blog post; I saw this via Samhita's Twitter. She is one of my favorite writers!

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