May 10, 2020

Other Basic Blog Settings

There are lots of different blog settings to explore in the Settings panel; I've covered some of the ones for your identity and for commenting, and here are some more settings you might want to take a look at:

Basic. This is where you can change the blog title (this is the title that appears at the top of your blog), and add a description that appears below the title. This is also where you can add authors to your blog!

Posts-Comments-Sharing. This is where you can change the number of posts that appear on your blog homepage. You might also want to use a blog post template (enter HTML here).

Language-Formatting. This is where you can adjust your time zone (by default, Blogger is set to Western time zone).

Other. This is where you can download your blog in a backup format; you can also use that backup file to migrate your blog to another platform later if you want (like WordPress).

Okay... you've got your blog configured. Now it's time to start creating content, and I'll be reviewing some of the features of the blog post editor, starting with the most important feature of any blog post: links! So, here's a link to Links in Posts.