July 12, 2020

Twitter Highlights: July 12

I've been so busy the past few days that I haven't down a Twitter highlights post, but I've been using Twitter here and there and have some good stuff! :-)

Great COVID graphic:

And self-isolation tips:

Liniers in Spanish and English:

Something nice from Brene Brown:

It's ... the bookwheel via Atlas Obscura16th-Century Engineer’s Book-Reading Machine

And Hamilton's writing desk at the Smithsonian:

From Dave Coverly:

Nice one from Debbie R-O:

Gorgeous narasimha via Usha:

A gorgeous Krisha:

Interview with Samhita Arni: Word Power

Very glad to have made Koral Dasgupta's acquaintance!

A cool tool via Clea: Kapwing.

Two new ones from Grant Snider:

And one from Tom Gauld:

Fun video from Debbie R-O:

Plus a feedback video:

A video of Liniers at work: