July 17, 2020

Twitter Highlights: July 17

I've been super-busy finishing up the Tiny Tales books (all three are done!), but I found some things to bookmark from Twitter this week.

From OU Campus Safety:

From Laurie in Bizzell: Islamic Manuscripts

Beautiful art from Sanjeev:

And more:

And more

And this from Peaceloving:

This goddess is also from Sanjeev:

Thinking about 2021 with Awkward Yeti:

From NPR: Guide to the Birdsong

Some covid info: full size.

Thinking about the apocalypseFirst Nations Australians survived one

These birds are like a story! Audubon winners.

From Carrie: Coptic Magical Papyri.

Overcoming the mascots:

Archaeology cats: