August 1, 2020

Twitter Highlights: August 1

I've been swamped with finishing up the Tiny Tales books... and now here it is, August 1. I started doing some basic prep for school, and planning class announcements is part of that. I want to make sure to save some items from Twitter over the past couple of weeks:

Lovely one from Liniers:

Beautiful NYTimes piece about birds and people and art: Kerry James Marshall’s Black Birds.

I'm really enjoying these tweets from @Entropologist:

Something pretty from Merriam-Webster: daisy.

From Disability History (thread0:

A free book from HarvardRacism in America

Reading goals from Grant Snider:

From John Spencer: Limiting Fear of Creative Failure.

From Jjenna:

Via Mike Kaspari:

Something lovely from Mary Oliver:

Something about Zitkala-SaAdvocate for the "Indian Vote"

A video from Chitra Divakaruni:

And a video from Koral:

And another Koral interview: