February 18, 2021

Student Projects for Spring 2021

Today was an exciting day: I got to set up the lists of projects for the semester in both classes. In a couple of weeks, there will be LOTS more projects (around 100 total), but I've got 17 for now, and that seemed like enough to get started.

I've got a list for Myth-Folklore and a list for Indian Epics. On those pages you can see the title listing plus a slideshow specific to that class, and here's the combined slideshow for both classes. Most sites are just a homepage right now, but for the rest of the semester, the sites will be growing page by page, story by story!

Embed everywhere! I like using the slideshow because I can embed that everywhere: here in this blog post, plus the sidebar of my class announcements blog (yes, it works even in the tiny sidebar!), and also in Canvas (I keep my Canvas courses open, so you can click and go see if you want).

Update in one place. I just update the slideshow in one place, and the updated version appears everywhere that the slideshow is embedded. 

Links! Each slide has a link to the project website, plus a link to the "comment wall" that the student has made at their blog which is where they get feedback on the project. Most of the sites are Google Sites (although there are usually a few Wix, Weebly and Tumblr sites each semester), and the blogs are a mix of Blogger and WordPress. The students choose the platforms they prefer.

Names. Some students are using real names, some use pseudonyms. I use first names only (real and otherwise), sometimes with a last initial if there are students with the same first name. Meanwhile, students can choose to put their full name if they want on their website and/or on their blog. That's up to them!

Graphics are good. I like doing the slideshow because it includes a graphic that stands out more than just a title in a list. Sometimes students radically change their site design, and I can just swap out the image on the slide when they do that.

Randomizing the slides. I use a randomizer plug-in for Google Slides so that I can go in and quickly re-randomize the slideshow every week or so; that way different projects get the prominence of coming first (which makes a difference later on when there are 90 slides in the deck and it takes seven or eight minutes for the show to run).

Blast from the past...... Of course, I am also proud of the completed projects from past semesters! You can browse the project archive, and here's a randomizer that pops up random past projects. Reload for more, or click the title link and see what the project is all about. :-)