May 10, 2020

Blog URLs: Homepage and Posts

For this post, I'll explain how blog addresses and blog post addresses work. The examples below are for Blogger blogs, but the same ideas apply to a WordPress blog.

Blog Address

If you created a blog just now, you can view your new blog by using the "view blog" link in your Blogger dashboard:

Your blog's address is So, for example, here's the address of this blog:

If you want to add your blog to the Summer 2020 Blog Fest Network for example, that is the address to share with me! See the Google Form below.

Blog Homepage

What you see on the blog homepage will be the most recent posts at your blog. Just how many posts you see there is up to you! One of the Blogger Settings allows you to choose how many posts appear on the homepage. (More about Basic Blog Settings.)

Blog Post Address

In addition to that main blog address, every post has its own address. To see the address for a specific post that appears on the homepage of your blog, click on the post title, and you'll see the post on a page of its own with its own URL:

So, if you want to share a specific post with someone, make sure you are sharing the address of that specific post. The contents of your blog homepage will change as you add new posts, but the blog post address is stable.

Blog Label Address

You can also see just posts with a specific label. So, for example, here are the posts at this blog with the Summer2020 label:

I'll have more to say about blog navigation, including navigation-with-labels, later on.

Meanwhile... there's another address

When you are actually editing a blog post or looking at your Blogger dashboard, you will see a different kind of address in the browser address bar, very long and scary-looking:;postID=2693295890379452964

That's the address in the browser bar while I'm editing this post. That address works only for me, because I'm the only one who has permission to actually edit this blog and its posts. If anybody else tries to use that address, they will just get an error message.

So, when you are sharing your blog with people, make sure you are giving them an actual address that will work for them, not the weird-looking address at which only works for you, no one else.

And now... Add Your Blog to the Summer 2020 Network

Since one of the goals for this Summer 2020 Blog Fest is to show people who blog networks work, I'll be building a blog network for the Blog Fest. If you have created a blog and want your posts to show up in that network, you can share your blog address with me.

This Google Form is where you can share your blog address, along with some other information, questions, suggestions, etc. I've embedded the Form here, or you can open the Form in a new tab.

Thanks in advance for joining in! :-)

Next up, important information about revealing/concealing your identity: Blog Identity and Pseudonyms.