Friday, November 9, 2012

OU Digital Tools Index

Here is a growing list of all the blog posts here that I have labeled as "Tools and Tips" - but be sure to check the front page of the blog for the latest items.
  1. My Janux Project and Pinterest
  2. Adventures (and Misadventures) with Janux
  3. Twitter Tip: Adding Yourself to a List
  4. Back in action... and bidding farewell (sadly) to Ning
  5. Digital Content and Flexible Learning Pathways
  6. Google Sites, Diigo, and the Storybook Archive
  7. Grading in a Digital World
  8. Pinterest and Repurposing Blog Content
  9. Creating a Twitter List
  10. My First Pinterest Board
  11. Active versus Interactive
  12. Web-Based Projects and Pacing the Semester
  13. GoogleDocs Spreadsheet for Student Data (and Desire2Learn #fail)
  14. Spreadsheets for Daily Content Development
  15. Google Books: My Favorite Library
  16. Why I Love Embedded Video... and Why I Do NOT Love D2L
  17. RSS Reader: Feedly (R.I.P. Google Reader)
  18. Class Content Development: From Diigo to Blog
  19. GoogleDocs for Collaborative Writing
  20. Google Gadget: Countdown Clock
  21. GrammarCatz Javascript: Show/Hide Images
  22. The Joys of Google+
  23. Twitter: Getting to Know a New Space
  24. Google Sites Tips and Tricks
  25. Speak LOLCat: The LOLCat Translator
  26. Alphabetizer (and Randomizer)
  27. Javascript Randomizer: Let the Fates Decide!
  28. for Randomizing Class Assignments
  29. Google Sites for Student Web Publishing
  30. My FAVORITE Tool:
  31. Free Kindle eBooks: What a Treasure-Trove!
  32. Blogging: Class Announcements as Class Content
  33. Blogging: Websites, Blogs, and Books
  34. Automotivator: A Poster-Making Tool
  35. Hashtags for Projects: #foreignwordsinenglish
  36. Chatter: A Dedicated OU Discussion Space
  37. Twitter List: OU People Twitter

Friday, October 26, 2012

Reflections on Becoming a Connected Educator

Confused About #Hashtags? Let’s Set Things Straight

Nice article at

Confused About #Hashtags? Let’s Set Things Straight

Topics covered:

1. What is a hashtag?
2. Who can make hashtags?
3. How should you use hashtags?
4. What mistakes should you avoid?
5. Where should hashtags be placed?

And be sure to check out the related articles at the bottom, too!

Guide to Hashtags – History, Role and How to Use Them

This two-part series is useful in learning about hashtags. The focus is on hashtags for business campaigns and commercial branding, but there is also good information about the use of hashtags for real-time chat, search and discovery, and the building of the semantic web.

Guide to Hashtags – History, Role and How to Use Them Part 1

Guide to Hashtags – History, Role and How to Use Them Part 2

Friday, October 19, 2012

OU Programs Twitter

Below is a list of the latest tweets from the OU Programs Twitter List.

If you have a Twitter account to add to the OU Programs List, let me know! (

Thursday, October 11, 2012

OU Social Media Directory: Starting an OU Programs Twitter List

Using the OU Social Media Directory, I updated my OU Programs Twitter list and it's a public list, so you can make use of it too:
You can subscribe to that list too if you want; you'll see the subscribe button here (left-hand column), and you can also choose to just follow individual members of the list (right-hand column). To get a sense of what you'll see, here's a widget that shows the latest tweets from that list: