Friday, November 9, 2012

OU Digital Tools Index

Here is a growing list of all the blog posts here that I have labeled as "Tools and Tips" - but be sure to check the front page of the blog for the latest items.
  1. My Janux Project and Pinterest
  2. Adventures (and Misadventures) with Janux
  3. Twitter Tip: Adding Yourself to a List
  4. Back in action... and bidding farewell (sadly) to Ning
  5. Digital Content and Flexible Learning Pathways
  6. Google Sites, Diigo, and the Storybook Archive
  7. Grading in a Digital World
  8. Pinterest and Repurposing Blog Content
  9. Creating a Twitter List
  10. My First Pinterest Board
  11. Active versus Interactive
  12. Web-Based Projects and Pacing the Semester
  13. GoogleDocs Spreadsheet for Student Data (and Desire2Learn #fail)
  14. Spreadsheets for Daily Content Development
  15. Google Books: My Favorite Library
  16. Why I Love Embedded Video... and Why I Do NOT Love D2L
  17. RSS Reader: Feedly (R.I.P. Google Reader)
  18. Class Content Development: From Diigo to Blog
  19. GoogleDocs for Collaborative Writing
  20. Google Gadget: Countdown Clock
  21. GrammarCatz Javascript: Show/Hide Images
  22. The Joys of Google+
  23. Twitter: Getting to Know a New Space
  24. Google Sites Tips and Tricks
  25. Speak LOLCat: The LOLCat Translator
  26. Alphabetizer (and Randomizer)
  27. Javascript Randomizer: Let the Fates Decide!
  28. for Randomizing Class Assignments
  29. Google Sites for Student Web Publishing
  30. My FAVORITE Tool:
  31. Free Kindle eBooks: What a Treasure-Trove!
  32. Blogging: Class Announcements as Class Content
  33. Blogging: Websites, Blogs, and Books
  34. Automotivator: A Poster-Making Tool
  35. Hashtags for Projects: #foreignwordsinenglish
  36. Chatter: A Dedicated OU Discussion Space
  37. Twitter List: OU People Twitter